Learn to express yourself freely – as nature intended!


Marcet Voice Studio specialises in all aspects of voice and communication skills development. It trains actors to master their voices, and professionals to excel in public speaking, with the delivery of free, fluent and effective speech.

The voice is physical and can be trained and improved

Personalised approach

Everyone is different, each voice is too. That is why Marcet Voice Studio looks at the vocal potential and development of each student individually.

We offer vocal coaching for individual actors and theatre companies. We also provide services to corporates where confidence in public speaking or assertive negotiation and communication are required.

The voice combines energy from both mind and body to communicate our innermost thoughts, feelings and emotions to the outside world. This kind of intimate exposure can make us feel vulnerable; so we hold back to protect ourselves, developing habits and tensions that ‘limit’ our voice. How often do we feel that we have not really communicated properly or transferred all our emotions into our voice?

Marcet Voice Studio applies methodologies that connect impulse, imagination and technique, to allow you to express yourself with more security, yet fully, concisely and freely.

15 years of experience

“For true communication – words are not enough’”

The Voice Specialists

Marcet Voice Studio has a solid record of training actors as well as professionals whose voice is a key element of their work. Our experience in artistic and therapeutic fields has led us to develop tools that assimilate technical and creative aspects of communication for professionals who want to make the most of their voices.

So, if communication is important to you, Marcet Voice Studio has a lot to offer. Whether you are in the theatrical arena or the corporate world, join us and begin to enjoy the freedom and power of complete self-expression.

MIRIAM MARCET  (Actor, Voice Coach, Posture and Breathing Mentor
Miriam trained principally at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, the Rose Bruford College and the Actor’s Centre in London and in the Michael Howard Studio of New York. Specialising in voice techniques, Miriam has followed the English line taught at the Central School of Speech and Drama by Cicely Berry along with Tess Dignan, of Patsy Rodenburg (founder of the Voice Department of the National Theatre and director of the RSC for over 18 years), of Kevin Michael Krips, of Gemma Reguant and of Coralina Colom (Professor Emeritus and founder of the Voice Department of the Institut del Teatre)

In theatre, Miriam has worked under the direction of Josep Maria Miró, Ivan Morales, Carlos Be, Pau Miró, Konrad Zschiedric, Matt Wilde, Martí Torras, Roger Torns, Carme Portaceli and Manel Dueso, among others. Miriam has worked on Spanish and Catalan TV series, such as El Cor de la Ciutat, Kubala Moreno i Manchon, Nit i Dia, Mira lo que has hecho; Clara Campoamor, the forgotten woman; and Las manos del pianista. As a teacher, Miriam has given Vocal Technique classes to the Alumni of the UAB, of the UDG, in the European School of Breathing, and at Rose Bruford College (UK). She has worked as a vocal coach for producers such as Fernando Trueba Productions, The El Terrat Produccions and in theatre plays such as “Forest” by Pau Miró and Gerard Oms. With the support of the Rose Bruford College and the European School of Breathing, Miriam has developed her own methodology. This is based on breathing techniques and postural re-education, combined with voice work learned mostly under Patsy Rodenburg, Tess Dignan, Gemma Reguant and Coralina Colom.
In 2017 Miriam founded the Marcet Voice Studio which works regularly for the Catalan Equity Actors and Directors Association (AADPC)