Your voice can make a difference in your career

Our voice provides others with information regarding who we are, how we are and what our intentions are.

We don’t hesitate to hit the gym to work on overall physical impression, but mistakenly, most people believe that their voice cannot be changed. However, it can not only be changed, it can also be improved with training and practice.

Just ask actors, singers or good public speakers, politicians, businessmen, lecturers … they are all accompanied by a good vocal coach. This is because they are aware of the power that their voice has and how it affects their audience.

Your voice is physical, and you can train it to develop to its full potential just like an athlete trains for continual improvement and victory.

Our voice is tied to our breathing and the phonation process and expression are both physical and emotional. So, when the body creates unnecessary tension, our breathing and our voice are directly affected. We approach the vocal work in two ways, a technical way and an imagination-emotional way. We prepare the body on a muscular and emotional level; getting your voice back to the way nature intended!

“Your voice can reach where technology can’t”
No communication, no leadership.

Regardless of what other leadership qualities you may possess; commitment, confidence, integrity, passion, decisiveness etc.. they count for little unless you can communicate. And, the better you communicate, the more effective your leadership will be.

Rather than rely on PowerPoint or other tools to deliver your vision and strategy, let Marcet Voice Studios help you to speak with confidence – in public and private – using the full potential of your voice to cast vision, inspire, motivate, persuade, support, empathise and more.

You´re ready. And your voice?
Marcet Voice Studio has developed a methodology which combines:

– Re-education of your Breathing
– Balancing Technique for Breathing and Heart Rate
– Re-education of Posture-Muscle Relaxation
– Body Awareness
– Vocal Technique
– Oral Expression Technique
– Mindfulness

We teach you to manage the fear of speaking in public, achieving presence and expression that will enable you to reach your communication goals for better, more successful leadership. You will express yourself with freedom, conviction, authority and emotion – and confidence.